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Versailles Of The Dead vol 1

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Kumiko Suekane


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Presumably inspired by a manga creator who read or watched PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES - just taking a wild machete swing in the zombie-filled moaning dark there - and decided to put their own slash on it... Here's the emergency broadcast from the publisher to inform us all how to avoid infection by thinly-disguised rip-offs, I mean reworkings...

Actually, before that, can I just say, copyright-fringe-trimming joking aside, I rather enjoyed this...

"The French Revolution with zombies? A slick, gender-bending twist on history! While en route from Austria to marry Louis XVI and become the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette's carriage is intercepted by bloodthirsty zombies. The sole survivor of the attack is Marie's twin brother, Albert. He heads for Versailles in his sister's gown - and instead of continuing life as himself, decides to take his sister's place. Now at the heart of the French royal court, Albert must face the undead horrors as the man who would be queen."

Yep, this really is as daft as that suggests. Played entirely tongue-in-powdered-cheek, heavy on the comedy of manners as the twin stories of the zombie apocalypse and royal court based rumblings intertwine causing a spontaneous outbreak of preposterously bewigged yet strangely amusing nonsensical fright-fest, I couldn't help but smile. Even the bold legend on the rear cover of "LET THEM EAT BRAINS!" only further serves to indicate what a frightful mash-up creation lies within.

One sometimes feels in the relentless churn-'em-out-world of mainstream manga publishing that there is a mentality of 'gotta publish them all' and just see what sticks. Somehow this has with me!