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Viking vol 1: The Long Cold Fire s/c

Viking vol 1: The Long Cold Fire s/c

Viking vol 1: The Long Cold Fire s/c back

Ivan Brandon & Nic Klein


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"It was an ugly thing you did, Egil."
"Was it? I call it strong."
"That man earned what he had."
"But he could not hold it."
"You're not a child anymore, Egil. A child takes what he wants. A man makes it. I did not raise you this way. Your father died playing this game you're playing. They killed your mother just for standing besides him."
"He died a man, grandfather. They knew my father's name before he died."
"They knew it after. We sailed across the world to get away from those who knew your father's name."
"And maybe one day I'll sail back so they can hear it again from me."

Described as a Viking Crime book by the author Ivan, this is berserker-level intense in its depiction of just how violent society was at the time for those people engaged in, shall we say, a more… entrepreneurial lifestyle.

I don't really want to give too much away of the plot; suffice to say as you can probably ascertain from the quotation above, revenge - usually served up hot, raw and bloody rather than cold and at leisure - is frequently the special of the day. Well, every day by the look of it. Our central protagonists have that short term 'get rich quick, what could possibly go wrong' worldview that the most idiotic of criminals regardless of era typically posses. And of course a botched job leads to complications best avoided in any century, especially if kidnapping royalty is involved, and the justice of the time probably isn't going to involve a slap on the wrist and comfortable accommodation while you consider the error of your ways.

I love the grandfather fishing for eels using a dead horse's head as bait! We have that sequence for you here. Gloriously grotesque!

It's well written crime from Brandon with the added bonus of swords and axes, so how can you go wrong?! I have to pass comment on the art too. I was initially slightly confused as to who was who, but once the initial bout of blood-letting is done with, Klein really settles down and produces some impressive and powerfully colourful work.

More good news on the Viking front: NORTHLANDERS is being repacked with the first substantial collection out now (highly recommended - its vast and diverse scope portrays multiple perspectives covering all sorts of social history), and BLACK ROAD #1 also written by Brian Wood is still in stock and reviewed.
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