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When I Arrived At The Castle

When I Arrived At The Castle When I Arrived At The Castle When I Arrived At The Castle

When I Arrived At The Castle back

Emily Carroll


Page 45 Review by Jodie Paterson

"You really are a timid, shivering thing, aren't you?
"It has a stink, you know?
"Your meekness.
"It makes me want to vomit."

Says the Countess, lounging loosely and seductively in an armchair, elegant finger curled at painted lip, body delicately wrapped in swathes of sheer fabric... With hooded eyes she's hardly giving her guest a second glance. She did, quite rudely, arrive early after all...

The countess has power and she knows it. She is 'accommodating' to her guest, but not without torment, for she knows precisely why her guest is paying her a visit, and so will take every opportunity to torment her captive caller.

Emily THROUGH THE WOODS Carroll is back with another sensual slice of gothic horror. Done with deft elegance in her signature black, white and red, she has woven a fever-dreamlike tale.

Overlapping images and layers of details and patterns create a chaotic and intoxicating environment, filling the viewer with a certain unease, while well constructed and surprising characters are brilliantly bewitching. Carroll has cleverly entwined fables, which punctuate the story like a slight blow to the head, each time coming to ta new level of disorientation.

Victoriana gothic horror at its finest, this will certainly tantalise the taste buds of her current fans, but also be a striking draw for newcomers.