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Guilherme Petreca


Page 45 Review by Jodie Paterson

"Don't be afraid!
"Keep your heart light.
"Very good!"

It's a late summer day and the whole village is toiling away in the fields. Well orchestrated, they harvest the crops in harmony; all rather idyllic under the calm, clear skies. That is until a demon makes its presence in the form of an old warplane, filling the sky with the most tremendous rumble and turning it from calm blue to a dispiriting inky grey. A bomb is released as the villagers watch on in terror, and before their eyes it takes a ghastly transformation into a crow, landing atop Ye's house with delicate footing and a deadly screech. He clutches his chest and falls to the ground, exhausted and limp. He has caught the king's breath.

Now the journey of a lifetime must begin. The only person able to help him is Incredible Miranda the Healer, or the "old witch" as she's more locally known. The only items to help him along his way are a poster of the healer and a single black feather dropped by the crow.

The artwork is textured and delicate, with so many glorious little details you will want to spend a few extra moments poring over the pages to let your eyes drink in everything they have to offer. Though the (somewhat dreadful, frankly) cover doesn't allude to it, the lines and colour palette within are far softer and embracing.

In terms of breadth of storytelling I was reminded of Isabel Greenberg's THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARLY EARTH; also with the artwork inside and costume designs, but particularly with the poster of Miranda the Witch.

Though small in size, this is a story that packs a punch. Younger readers will be swept away by Ye's epic adventures through crowded cities, pirate-riddled oceans, and even a tundra that an eccentric clown calls home. While more mature readers will see Ye's adventures for what they really are. On the surface, a journey for the ages to be loved by all, but just below is a powerful tale of a personal battle against something dark and intangible.

"The Colourless King exists inside all of us, slumbering"

And we will not be defined by our demons.