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#Instabunnies (Sketched In)

#Instabunnies (Sketched In) #Instabunnies (Sketched In) #Instabunnies (Sketched In)

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Lizz Lunney


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Did you like the food I cooked yesterday?"
"Of course. I told you I liked it yesterday."
"So you liked the meal, but you didn't like the photo I put online of it??"
"78 other people liked it."
"Does it matter?"
"A bit of public appreciation wouldn't go amiss."

Haha, Janet and Jason are two rabbits who go at it with a passion. 'It' being arguing - what did you think I was referring to? Frequently (anti-)social media or some other element of the online world will be the root cause of their endless bickering. Whether that's having a pop at each other over who is the most photogenic (online, obviously), every aspect of holidays in general, drinking preposterously priced, pretentious Brazilian coffee, almost attending art exhibitions and, last but not least, their social (media) rivalry with 'best friends' Maureen and Tony, two cats who are just as obsessed with keeping up their online appearances as Janet and Jason. Who, I have to say, feel like a much gentler, considerably saner, but no less amusing version of those dairy products gone bad themselves, MILK AND CHEESE. It's just got that same deliciously mildly mean edge to it.

Indeed, this is so, so acutely, and indeed cutely, socially and satirically well observed, it's almost like it might be partially based on personal experience... Surely not, though. I couldn't imagine our lovely Lizz tongue-lashing anyone! Although with that said I note on the inner back cover there is a dedication...

"For Wilm, I know you like to think this isn't based on us, but, it is. XXX"

Haha, well in that case... I want to know who Maureen and Tony are... as probably do most of Lizz and Wilm's mates!!

I think we must still be in Lizz's good books, though, because each first interior page has the following conversation between our undynamic duo hand-scribed to complete the scene of one of them bellowing at the phone-in-hand inattentive other...

"I just want a new comicbook!"
"Fine. We'll go to Page 45."
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