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100 Bullets Book 3

100 Bullets Book 3 100 Bullets Book 3

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Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"There's a war coming."

Crime so hardboiled you could wrap it in plastic and sell it by the quarter-pound.

For "Previously in 100 BULLETS..." please see Books 1 and 2 which each collect almost three of the previously slimmer Volumes.

This brutal and brilliant conspiracy thriller thunders on with more hearts of darkness. Now we've been introduced to all the major players, they start moving each other into position: last-minute adjustments plus lots of hard looks, harsh words and a dash of tough luck.

After the superbly choreographed 'Ambition's Audition' starring Benito, Shepherd, Mr. Medici and a game of dominoes, we're locked in a US penitentiary which is way too comfortable a description to convey the hot, sweaty, razor-edge tensions of this dark and brutal hellhole. This is Eduardo - and indeed Brian - in masterful mode, and it's as nasty as anything I believe you'll have seen on TV's Oz. If it isn't, I do not want to see Oz.

Expect intimidatingly massive body builds, worryingly unpredictable shower scenes, and a lot of very vicious violence. Because it's part of 100 BULLETS you can also expect hidden agendas, brinksmanship, twists, and the most beat-perfect prison patter you'll probably need an inmate to decipher in places:

"Wassup Erie?"
"Same 'ole same oh, Loop. Heard on the wire they was lettin' your toad ass out the hole... Figure I'd stop by, see who you was hol'in up."
"Wha? You miss me?"
"Fuck that. You ain't pussy, dawg. Potential investment, s'what you are. Whole lotta book bein' made... on yo' onion. As in how long Nine Train's gonna wait to peel it. You ain't thinkin' 'bout', are you?"
"Wha? Kick it with the chomos, rapists an' retards in Protective Custody? You trippin'?"
"Jus' checkin', ain't frontin'"
"Why? You got my back?"
"Dawg, you know if I could --"
"You wood?"
"Goddamn, Loop. You an' that muthafuckin' sideways shit. Never give it a rest."
"Arrest is what got me locked up wit' yo' Nazi ass."

Lastly Agent Graves sends Wylie Times on a journey to a sultry New Orleans that will change the battle lines of his private war for good. No, really, it will. He's given Wylie the briefcase containing that gun, those 100 rounds of untraceable ammunition, and a target for revenge: Shepherd. But Shepherd's got Dizzy with him, and looks aren't the only things than can kill: so can words.

Knock-out shadows and silhouettes are Risso's forté, enhanced by menacing eyes and pouting lips, while Patricia Mulvihill's colours radiate so much heat you'll be mopping your brow.
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