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3D Sweeties h/c

3D Sweeties h/c 3D Sweeties h/c 3D Sweeties h/c 3D Sweeties h/c 3D Sweeties h/c

3D Sweeties h/c back

Julian Glander


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Listen... I have a confession... I'm not actually a dog. I just have a weird face."
"You... you lied to me?"
"I didn't have the heart to tell you the truth. You were having such a good time."
"That's... the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me."

Purple slime mold "A" (let's call them "A" because I don't know their name, or indeed very much about them, other than they seem a bit dim) has clearly had a tough life, if that's truly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for them. But then, I don't really know much about the life of slime molds of any colour... Although I can't imagine it is a particularly pleasant existence perpetually having chemicals poured into you before having them forcibly popped out of you again.

Anyway... why don't we let the publisher see if they can plop something out which will make more sense of this squidgy-coated manic mess of mirthful material.

"Hilariously absurd stories set in a digital, pastel-hued universe, crafted by one of the most original artists working in animation, video games, and gifs. Glander's debut collection of comics assembles the best of his thoroughly original short stories, which originally appeared online on sites such as VICE.

Set on a three-dimensional plane, Glander's stories feature cute, emoji-like characters who deal with twenty-first-century (and beyond!) problems like interior decorating woes, amorous microbiology, and where to find the absolute most aspirational succulents.

Fall in love with 'America's favorite mug,' Cuppy. Hear the familial bickering of sentient purple slime molds. Encounter Susan Something and her unusual attitudes about gaming culture and conceptual art. But most of all, marvel at the playful, absurd look into our online lives that is 3D Sweeties, a book that looks and reads like no comic ever created before."

Bit hyperbolic, that last clause, but I'll let it slide over me like a slippery slime surprise as this is indeed rather good fun. It is certainly hilariously absurd, by which I mean the humour is certainly not straightforward gag material and I don't believe it will appeal to everyone. Some of the stories have considerable nuance, depth and satirical social commentary going on, but you will also need to appreciate completely pointless stupidity to get the most out of this, otherwise it might leave you slightly cold, like a bucket of slime tipped down your trousers...

Okay, I will stop with the slime gags now.

Once you've opened the satisfyingly squashy, spongy cover, the art, which takes bright and vibrant to whole new levels, will punch you straight in the face. Clearly produced on a computer, which I guess if you are one of "the most original artists working in animation" shouldn't be a total surprise, this has the madcap feel of the likes of the Gumball cartoon, though weirdly it also reminded me of dear old plasticine Morph as well. You almost feel like the characters are going to start moving inside the panels. Well, I did, anyway! Meanwhile the colour palette is like a smashed up packet of Refreshers. I'll just leave you with that image... <slime drop>
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