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Amazing Spider-Man vol 8: Threats & Menaces s/c

Amazing Spider-Man vol 8: Threats & Menaces s/c back

Nick Spencer & Ryan Ottley


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Spider-Man can't be in four places at once - or can he?! Peter Parker's life is as complicated as ever, but is science the answer? Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson starts his new life as a podcast host - and his first guest is Spider-Man! JJJ and Spidey have been on pretty good terms for a while now, so it's only fitting that 'Jolly' Jonah would sabotage all that and put the entire city in danger, right? Plus: The wall-crawler must roll the dice in the Palace, the new super villain casino run by none other than Chance! And Spidey's odds don't look good. But while Peter's life gets ever crazier, what's Boomerang up to? And what does it have to do with Mayor Kingpin? Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2018) #37-42. Rated T
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