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Astonishing X-Men vol 6: Exogenetic s/c

Astonishing X-Men vol 6: Exogenetic s/c back

Warren Ellis & Phil Jimenez


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"They're digging up mutants, Henry. They're digging up dead mutants and making them into tools. They've got reanimated mutants as tools and they've engineered living missiles from alien DNA and they used your theoretical work to get there. That's what I've been trying not to say.
"They're using your work to try and exterminate you."

Agent Abigail Brand, the Beast's girlfriend, is back so you know this will end up in space, plus Ellis's Beast is as delightfully loquacious to my adult self as David Michelinie's was to the twelve-year-old me:

"Have you gone completely mad?"
"My viridian sweetheart, I went quite insane many years ago. I assumed it was one of my more attractive features."
"This isn't good."
"We're doing fine. This vessel was designed by the most expensive Japanese sadists working in engineering today. … Okay, that's not so good."
"Oh, you think? With engines blowing out and no weapons. You have hair growing inside your skull, don't you?"
"We don't need weapons, my little angel of death. We have science."

Quick-fire carnage with lots of snappy banter as the X-Men find themselves under attack by tailor-made mutations of their former foes: the Brood (Aliens without the slime), semi-organic Sentinels (giant purple robots with trade-mark looming hands - seriously, show me a picture of a Sentinel with its hand not looming large) and that living island Krakoa whose appetite first caused Xavier to found the second wave of X-Men.

Phil Jimenez enjoys himself mightily, and so will you. He's George Perez's natural and exceptionally worthy successor, he's upped his lithe game even further, and every single panel is worth waiting for, particularly the one wherein Cyclops grows bored of "faffing around" and lets rip on the Krakoa/Brood hybrid:

"Good grief, that's a little Damien Hirst, isn't it?"

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