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At The Caves

At The Caves back

Lizz Lunney


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Ooh, our current crop comes with original cat sketches. Mine’s actually beaming.

Conversely, Depressed Cat is still sighing his way through his NINE MISERABLE LIVES, this time at the seaside, and experiences an imaginative cure for the most awkward of silences. Sour Rabbit refuses to knock his own knees, newly tattooed with a couple of smiley faces in a bid to stave off loneliness (that’s a rabbit?!). An Invisible Friend finds it impossible to hold onto his seat on a train; and Keith The Wizard experiences his ultimate dream holiday except for the Duty Free. Also: Dullbog The Bulldog, Leaning Rabbit, and a couple of competitive fish and chip shops punning their way to first plaice.

What…? Look, this is Lizz Lunney. If you are expecting any of this to make sense, you are delusional. The woman is all kinds of crazy, as are her comics and cards. That’s why we love her and that’s why they all sell so well.

Lizz called out to Twitter today to ask us to write a CV. Ever obliging, I replied: "Lizz Lunney. Occupational mentalist. Experience: being bananas. Hobby: horses. Motto: It's all the pun of the pear."

Apparently she’s just into crisps.

Lastly, I should just flag the fact that the semaphore inside this mini-comic’s covers isn’t just a random pattern. But Lizz won’t even tell me what it says, so I’m going to Google myself a quick lesson now. *waves good-bye*

Seriously: that’s a rabbit?!?!