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Barking h/c

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Lucy Sullivan

Date Released: Expected October 2019


Preview by the creator, Lucy Sullivan

Based on the experience of myself & others of a Mental Health Crisis, BARKING is the story of Alix Otto. Caught in the maelstrom of grief, Alix finds herself hounded by a phantasmagorical Black Dog, haunted by her dead friend and sectioned to an umbrella health system. Set in the Psychiatric ward of St. Jude’s and told through allegory, BARKING the graphic novel will be a mixture of graphic memoir, social commentary and an unnerving ghost story rendered in dramatic Black & White across 10 Chapters.

I have much to say about how a crisis feels, how we view grief and treat mental illness and in telling my story start to open up the conversation about it. If 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems in our lives then we should be talking about this more openly and not hiding from it anymore. I hope that readers will find comfort and sympathy from BARKING. I also want to entertain, albeit in a darker manner, and enlighten those who have never been through a moment like this.

Because you really never know, it can happen to anyone.
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