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Batman: Hush s/c

Batman: Hush s/c back

Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee


Page 45 Review by Stephen

In which The Bat kisses The Cat, kicks The Croc, gets lively with Ivy... and runs away from Superman like a Big Girl's Blouse.

Structured like a console game with End-Level Bosses, almost every friend and foe of Bruce Wayne becomes embroiled in a 12-issue mystery which goes right back to the boy's formative years.

The further the flashbacks go, the more monochromatic the washes used in their telling. These are my favourite bits of art here, where Jim loosens up, but there's no denying the quality of his figure work throughout. Certainly enjoyed the subtle Neal Adams homage during the fight sequence with R'as Al Gh -- Ra's All-- that ancient chappie what likes a good soak.

Against his better judgement, Batman has allowed himself to fall for Catwoman, just as his life is turned upside down by what can only be an orchestrated series of catastrophes from the death of a friend to the resurrection of the second Robin. But even when he's getting his tonsils tickled the man can't bring himself to smile. Bruce, those endorphins... you'd feel the benefit, I swear.