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Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men h/c

Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men h/c Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men h/c Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men h/c Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men h/c

Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men h/c back

Evan Dorkin & Benjamin Dewey


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Don't puff your chest out too far. We knew Tommy was an imposter. Just like we knew we walking into a trap."
"That true, Tommy? Did they know that?"
"We are called wise dogs, you know. Not daft dogs."

The conjuring canines return in their most stressfully horrific adventure yet as Evan Dorkin once again puts our favourite pack of man's best friends - and protectors from mystic malfeasance - through their paces before awarding the top prizes for perilous prestidigitation.

Or something like that... I think I might have eaten one too many dog biscuits...

Here is the pedigree from the publisher to bark out a more balanced breeding report...

"This eight-time Eisner Award-winning comic book series blending fantasy and humour features the adventures of paranormal pets investigating the horrors of Burden Hill. A heroic pack of canines known as the Wise Dogs sets off on a mission to clean up a Pennsylvania corridor plagued by seemingly unrelated occult disturbances that include a fire salamander and a horde of mutant lurkers.

A link is found among the various disturbances, leading our heroes to a mountain village inhabited by a survivalist witch-cult who have discovered the existence of a 'Blood Lure' attracting occult forces, creatures, and many more terrors to Burden Hill!"

As genuinely horrific as the likes of Mike Mignola's HELLBOY and BPRD material to my mind, and certainly just as well written, this verges on truly psychologically disturbing terror in places, but also has many moments of canine-based charm and black humour that won't come as any surprise to fans of Evan's other works such as DORK and THE ELTINGVILLE CLUB.

Benjamin Dewey picks up the paints this time around, and perhaps one of the biggest compliments I can give him is that I didn't actually realise it wasn't Jill Thompson for ages.

For a much more in-depth review of the first volume - which you don't have to read before this one, but you really ought to read it anyway as it is utterly brilliant - please see Stephen going the full Barbara Woodhouse on BEASTS OF BURDEN: ANIMALS RITES which is now out in softcover.

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