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Cat Getting Out Of A Bag And Other Observations

Cat Getting Out Of A Bag And Other Observations back

Jeffrey Brown


Page 45 Review by Stephen

What a beautiful book, from cover to indented cover which you could read like pictorial Braille.

Cats: they walk over your keyboard, hide in your washing basket, fall off the back of sofas, skid across linoleum, and ignore all the toys you buy them in favour of scrunched-up balls of waste paper from which they will derive hours of hunting-prowess pleasure.

In Mr. Bob-san's case on his first day out here, the pea-brained pussy managed to misjudge the distance required when leaping over my pond spectacularly. What a soggy moggy, covered in threads of bright green pond weed, looking like a radioactive, dreadlocked Dougal from The Magic Roundabout.

These are the sort of antics you'll find here, including a very clever double-page spread in the kitchen which cunningly uses a neat spatial trick unique to comics, which is instantly effective but which may have you puzzling over it later for several minutes in "how does this even work?" sort of a way. However, this is Jeffrey Brown, he of tender heart and affecting candour, so you'll find the other side here too, burrowing under your shirt at the vets or - perhaps unknowingly - sidling up to comfort you in times of grief and floods of tears.

Each sequence is a perfect composition which doesn't always need a punchline, just the recognition you'll experience over and over again of how true these observations are, and between Jeffrey and Simone Lia (FLUFFY), they have just solved every one of your Christmas presents for the next five years.

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