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Catwoman: Soulstealer - The Graphic Novel s/c

Catwoman: Soulstealer - The Graphic Novel s/c back

Sarah J. Maas, Louise Simonson & Samantha Dodge


Page 45 Review by Publisher Blurb

Luke Fox has been looking for just the right opportunity to show Batman he can protect the city from Gotham s worst as Batwing. When several high-profile fundraisers are disturbed, Luke s clandestine activities clash with his parents expectations. As a scion of one of Gotham s finest families, he s expected to attend these events with pride.

As Batwing, he s trying to stop a new team of villains from ruining his mother s plans. Now he feels permanently one step behind Will Selina have what it takes to outsmart Batwing before it s too late? Or will she be the final victim of her greatest heist yet?