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Cerebus vol 10: Minds (Remastered Edition)

Cerebus vol 10: Minds (Remastered Edition) back

Dave Sim & Gerhard


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Yep, "Something fell…" all right.

"Something fell" more catastrophically than ever before and we're in radically different… territory now.

Don't really want to give too much away here, especially about said territory. In fact you'll notice when you read through the earlier books I've kept almost every key surprise to myself. I've merely implied possibilities; I don't what you've inferred!

But this is it: the answers you've all been waiting for. Panels within panels as we see the past through Cerebus' eyes. A knife accident. An apprenticeship. The mistakes Cerebus has made throughout the course of this series.

Cerebus, you see, is finally confronted on all this and the subject of Jaka by the real God of Cerebus' world. It's neither Tarim nor Terim, but it's most definitely its Creator:

"Hi, Cerebus, this is Dave. How you got a minute?"

He's in for quite the Revelation.
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