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Cerebus vol 11: Guys

Cerebus vol 11: Guys back

Dave Sim & Dave Sim, Gerhard


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Victor Davis was lying in CEREBUS: READS for this kicks off with #201 and there are indeed one hundred more issues to go.

The whole thing takes place in or around a tavern where Cerebus has been reduced to barman. Actually, to begin with Paul McCartney's the barman, Cerebus is just a drunk.

Fellow patrons include Eddie Campbell's Bacchus, Eddie Campbell himself, Marty Feldman, Genital Ben from TUG & BUSTER, Mick Jagger and some other very fondly remembered acquaintances, all watched over by the ever-censorious Thatcher.

To some of these and Cerebus himself the prospect of love/lust/sex proves mighty tempting.

And then at the last minute in walks another ghost from the past so dramatically changed that Cerebus doesn't even recognise him.

"You. Once told me. That you were in love with my wife..."


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