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Cerebus vol 12: Rick's Story

Cerebus vol 12: Rick's Story back

Dave Sim & Dave Sim, Gerhard


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Really don't remember too much about this from so long ago. It's at this point that Page 45 was doing so well, so much, and so many other great books started appearing that I couldn't re-read CEREBUS as often as I used to. I recently re-read the whole of Eddie Campbell's autobiographical oeuvre, but generally it's now only once every five years I'm afforded the opportunity to do that with a single graphic novel.

Rick is… sturdier than he used to be. Physically at least. Inside he's found religion and is as mad as a bag full of spiders. He sees things, and they're just not nice. Think of those spiders in that bag and then give them horns, steroids and hellfire.

Someone else is going bonkers: Dave Sim. He's now set two books in the same bloody tavern and having to draw them is driving both Dave and Gerhard insane. Alarmed at the prospect of Rick having trapped Cerebus in the pub forever, Dave decides it's time for another a one-to-one with Cerebus - in the flesh this time - and he leaves behind a package that will catalyse the return of another key player, perhaps the least expected of all.

There's no such thing as a clean break, is there?
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