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Cerebus vol 6: Melmoth

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Dave Sim & Dave Sim, Gerhard


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Which will take us up to the halfway mark.

Cerebus has been so traumatised by the events in JAKA'S STORY that he can do little more than sit staring silently outside a second tavern, clutching Jaka's childhood doll, Missy.

Old acquaintances pass by, oblivious.

A waitress pours out her heart.

The sun rises, the sun sets.

Meanwhile a bed-ridden man called Oscar dies painfully, slowly, under the loving watch of his friends.

And apart from my own, personal and enduring friendship with Dave Sim which itself refutes any such charges, this is where I just shake my head and quietly mutter "Fuck you" whenever I hear the man accused of homophobia as well as misogyny. You've never read a word he has written, have you? "Under the loving watch of his friends…." Unlike Cerebus.

Epilogue. They make a mistake: they wake the giant up.
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