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Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen


Page 45 Review by Stephen

The third in what I call Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen's 'Iconic Shape Trilogy' (my favourite by far being SQUARE), this comes with a question right at the end which I believe you'll find very, very hard to answer. Our Jonathan was understandably a little sceptical - as you may well be yourself - until I showed it to him.

He thought for a moment, then grinned and chuckled.

And that to me is the genius of this one. Not necessarily that it brought a smile to Jonathan's face, though that's always a bonus, but that... well, I do believe I've got in covered it my very first sentence.

So much so that I send you instead to Page 45's Jon Klassen Section for lengthier reviews dealing with why we think that he and Mac Barnett are so ridiculously clever, why I believe some of their all-ages picture books are also comics, and how much mileage Jon Klassen gets out of almost static images which emphasise the intelligence behind the eyes, as well as their telling movement.

There will be more eyes here than you might suspect.

Aren't the waterfall's colours and cool, refreshing spray delicious?

It's probably time to head straight to the Market Square's water feature and soak yourselves silly.