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Cixin Liu's For The Benefit Of Mankind

Cixin Liu's For The Benefit Of Mankind back

Cixin Liu, Sylvain Runberg & Miki Montllo


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Welcome to The Worlds of Cixin Liu, a series of graphic novels created by 35 artists - including writers, illustrators and colourists - from 13 countries, to salute the unique imagination of China's science fiction grandmaster. Earth. Our home.

The sole planet within our solar system capable of sustaining human life. A truly unique ecosystem. Unique, that is, but for the three other identical Earths, each housing their own human race.

For years we have thrived on the world our creators made for us, the superior species of our ecosystem. But no longer. For the Elder Brothers - humans like us, only more advanced - have announced their plans to colonise our Earth.

They will permit us to remain, as their pets, on a landmass tucked away at the bottom of the planet, with a subsidy to live upon which is based on the assets of our Earth's poorest citizen. If we are to survive, there must be a dramatic redistribution of wealth. Anyone who does not accept will be 'processed'.

For the benefit of mankind.