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Cixin Liu's The Circle

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Cixin Liu & Xavier Besse


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Welcome to The Worlds of Cixin Liu, a series of graphic novels created by 35 artists - including writers, illustrators and colourists - from 13 countries, to salute the unique imagination of China's science fiction grandmaster. Xianyang, capital of the state of Qin, 227 BC. Before the great king, Ying Zheng - ruler of the state of Qin - stands the emissary of the state of Yan, Jing Ke.

Charged with the attempted assassination of Zheng, Jing Ke has been sentenced to death. But the king recognises that the man who stands before him is not only noble, but highly intelligent, too, so he is spared, and instead made one of the king's advisors. Obsessed by the search for eternal life, Zheng sets his new advisor, a revered mathematics scholar, to apply his studies to this pursuit.

Jing Ke calls upon the numbers and shapes that the Heavens confer unto him, to calculate a figure that he is certain will reveal the great secret of immortality...