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Cixin Liu's The Devourer

Cixin Liu's The Devourer back

Cixin Liu, JD Morvan & Weilin Yang


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Welcome to The Worlds of Cixin Liu, a series of graphic novels created by 35 artists - including writers, illustrators and colourists - from 13 countries, to salute the unique imagination of China's science fiction grandmaster. Members of the Earth Protection Force circle the planet's atmosphere, neutralising threats before they come close enough to cause harm. Most days the threats come in the form of asteroids or meteorites, inanimate bodies set on a trajectory thousands of years ago - but not today.

Instead, a great crystal sent by a faraway alien intelligence has been intercepted. It carries a simple message: The Devourer approaches. The Devourer consumes planets, gorging itself on their inhabitants and plundering the land, only stopping once nothing living remains.

Soon, the first Devourer ship enters the solar system and Earth's fate is sealed. Sealed, that is, unless humanity can fight - and win...