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Comics Rebubbled s/c

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Kim Fuller, Paul Alexander, Paul Henry & Bill Everett, Jim Aparo, Pat Boyette, George W Trendle, Al Williamson, Fran Striker, James Jewell, Mike Sekowsky, Joe Sinott


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The first ever edition of a new genre of comics. The authors have taken public domain comics from the 1940's, 50's and 60's, rewritten the captions and dialogue to create completely new stories with a comedic twist. The result is a hilarious and unique collection of re-purposed comic tales illustrated by the great names of the Golden and Silver Age.

Root for superhero Scott Gigawatt who defeats the forces of evil by singing uncool Country and Western songs which cause his adversaries to explode.

Thrill to the adventures of Captain Covid, the world's first socially distanced detective as he tries saving the world from a more lethal strain of COVID-19 by punching a lot of people in the face.

Worry for Laverne, the good blonde gone bad as she ditches her sleazy-rider boyfriend Brandon and kickstarts a new relationship with a handsome shaman in a polo-neck sweater. And shiver in fear as Frank and Gina find themselves dragged back to the 18th century and discover, to their horror, that there is no 5G phone coverage.

Comics Rebubbled takes stories of raw human emotion and peril-and treats them with disdain and disrespect. It's new, it's different, it's irreverent-and it's funny.