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Complete Scarlet Traces vol 1 s/c

Complete Scarlet Traces vol 1 s/c back

Ian Edginton & D'Israeli


Page 45 Review by Stephen

First of two sequels to these creators' WAR OF THE WORLDS, this is science fiction on an alternate Victorian Earth where, ten years ago, the Martians attempted to establish a bridgehead on the British Isles. The British have assimilated the alien technology into their everyday lives, using the Martian heat-rays to maintain and expand their empire... and their propensity for legged vehicles to turn their hansom cabs into scuttling crabs. Ah, but was the invasion unsuccessful after all? An investigation into the discovery of several young, female corpses in the Thames leads former Captain Robert Autumn and his batman Currie from the gin palaces of the East End to the impoverished North, and thence to the corridors of Whitehall.

For a more thorough and informed review of this series, please, please see my SCARLET TRACES vol 2 on this very website for you can read it in its own right and it is phenomenal! This may be too - I've not even read it yet! Eeeep!