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Corpse Talk Queens & Kings And Other Royal Rotters

Corpse Talk Queens & Kings And Other Royal Rotters back

Adam Murphy, Lisa Murphy


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Haha! Even the title's an additional pun! Brilliant!

And this humour-lit history lesson is indeed brilliant, like all former CORPSE TALKs you'll find reviewed at so much length in Page 45's Phoenix Comic Collection Section that I have honestly now run out of words.

Off you trot that away, please! And make sure you take a good gander at my review of Adam and Lisa's LOST TALES too: it won a Blue Peter Award and they're not dished out lightly.

"The third amazing thematic Corpse Talk book - all about the most astonishing rulers from history ever! Adam Murphy interviews the high-and-mighty men and women who changed the world - getting their stories straight from the corpses' mouths! Reading Corpse Talk: Queens and Kings is like having history turned upside-down! It guarantees laughs, surprises, and a whole host of facts told to you by the rulers from all over the world, themselves. From Cleopatra to Queen Vic to Moctezuma, these are some royals with stunning tales to tell..."

It is all 100% historically accurate. The comedy lies in the telling, not messing around with recorded facts.
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