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Cottons Book 2: The White Carrot h/c

Cottons Book 2: The White Carrot h/c back

Jim Pascoe & Heidi Arnhold


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In the second volume of the fantasy epic Cottons, rabbits and foxes wage war in a world of magic, monsters, and mystery! Bridgebelle tries her best to be a good citizen of the Vale of Industry. She has a top position at the carrot factory, where she helps produce the mysterious fuel known as cha. It's a good life for a rabbit - an ordinary life. But Bridgebelle is not ordinary - she's an artist. She uses her rare gift to create magical, cha-powered works of art known as thokchas. Many rabbits are suspicious of thokchas, and they blame them-and Bridgebelle-for the mysterious plague that's stricken their community. The foxes, however, see the power that thokchas hold. They're planning to use art and dark magic to destroy the rabbits once and for all.
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