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Courtney Crumrin vol 4: Monstrous Holiday h/c

Courtney Crumrin vol 4: Monstrous Holiday h/c back

Ted Naifeh


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Oh my days, just look at this beautiful burgundy cover! Swoon at the silver ink on the inside and out! Then cast your eyes back on the other the library editions of COURTNEY CRUMRIN’s impetuous exploits! The new designs are consistent and flawless, finally befitting the quality of what lies within.

You’ll find the previous three instalments reviewed at length and in depth. This deserves no less but I have Katie Green’s LIGHTER THAN MY SHADOW to read and review in the next week, I am a very slow reader, and it is as enormous as it looks beautiful.

I leave you then with the highest commendation you could possibly conjure in your own magnificent minds, and the words of our Tom when this fourth series first started:

“The first stop on Uncle Aloysius & Courtney's jaunt around Europe finds them in Romania as the unexpected guests of Professor Alexi Markovic and her daughter, Magda. Embroiled in a love triangle between her betrothed – the boorish and rich Petru – and Jan, a warm-hearted gypsy violinist, Magda is a torn woman, fighting for her dignity in the day, while at night her suitors fight as hunter and... wolf? Ted Naifeh explores the classic horror motifs with a depth and originality rarely seen these days. This is a classic cautionary tale of romance and tragedy, using the folklore and myth of Eastern Europe to send a chill down your spine rather than a gore-splattered, plotless shock factor most comics pertaining to be horror rely on. Did I mention Naifeh's beautiful art? Or that this, like all the COURTNEY CRUMRIN books, is suitable for children?”