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Daredevil: Man Without Fear s/c

Daredevil: Man Without Fear s/c back

Frank Miller & John Romita Jr.


Page 45 Review by Stephen

New edition of this DAREDEVIL classic from 1993 in which the creator of SIN CITY returned to the character he'd rescued from mediocrity and critically bad sales to chart Matt Murdock's youth, teenage years then early days as a corporate lawyer, all the while tackling bullies in the playground, round Columbia University campus where he befriends and rescues future law partner Foggy Nelson, then finally in the form of the Kingpin himself when he makes the mistake of having a young girl kidnapped. Matt's relationship with his father is explored both before and after the boy's accident which blinded him, as is his rehabilitation and training in the hands of the demanding ninja Stick. But when his father is murdered Matt is abandoned by his mentor after making a fatal error of judgement in his violent search for revenge. Stick only returns when Matt finds himself willingly snared by the tantalising attentions of an elusive, obsessive, sexually charged Elektra, at which point he's in no fit state to heed the warnings.

It's a book of hard lessons and increasingly elaborate gymnastics featuring some of John Romita Jr.'s nimblest art. The scene where Matt jumps across a full moon at midnight is glorious.

Almost a quarter of this edition is composed of extras: original scripts, unused pages, and pages that were cobbled together to fill the individual issues when Marvel elected to publish this as a mini-series rather than the graphic novel it was originally intended to be.

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