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Darth Vader And Son

Darth Vader And Son

Darth Vader And Son back

Jeffrey Brown


Page 45 Review by Stephen

“Luke, do you need to go potty?”
“Well, you’re kind of doing a little dance.”
“I don’t have to go.”

He really has to go!

This is too, too funny. From the creator CLUMSY, FUNNY MISSHAPEN BODY, the two INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS books and so much more, this comes in much the same format as Jeffrey’s CATS ARE WEIRD… and CAT GETTING OUT OF A BAG. It’s full colour comedy in which our Jeff captures the contrariness of childhood to perfection, along with its nagging and needs, while Darth dotes on his darling boy like any other proud father. It’s the humour of incongruity, the joke being that the dastardly Darth isn’t really renowned for his kindness and compassion, or wearing bright orange, red-dotted ties. “Thank you, my son,” he rasps after unwrapping the proudly presented gift. (“I can’t wear this,” he keeps to himself. I think he’ll have to, at home, for a while.)

The recognition factor will keep you chuckling throughout: Darth with a dead arm, cradling a slumbering son he doesn’t want to disturb; puddle-splashing; tittle-tattle; that same, irritatingly twee album played over and over again.

“Luke, let’s listen to something else for a while… Maybe –“
“Are you sure? How about –“
“No, Ewoks!”

There are a lot of long car journeys, aren’t there?

But it’s just as funny seeing the evil emperor attempting to wrap a small present of his own in those enormous, cumbersome black gauntlets, and getting sticking plaster everywhere. It’s more of a mess than mine! Also: some highly unorthodox uses for the Force, but you just know that you would if you could. You need know nothing about Star Wars to yuk-yuk it up here – I don’t. Still, it does make you wonder about nature and nurture.

“Luke, pick up your toys right this instant.
“Luke, I am your father.
“Do you want a time-out?”

Such a rebellious child.