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Darth Vader vol 2: Shadows And Secrets

Darth Vader vol 2: Shadows And Secrets Darth Vader vol 2: Shadows And Secrets

Darth Vader vol 2: Shadows And Secrets back

Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"You guys are not team players."
"Yeah, the wookie's right, you better not have crossed us, Aphra."
"Statement: you can't hide from the bounty hunters."
"Strictly speaking you can hide, it just tends to be ineffective. Running is statistically better, but only fractionally."
"Comic murderous pedantry aside, the droid's right. You all know I've got a fairly lax attitude to property rights, but do you think I'd cross four of the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy?"
"I think you'd think about it."

Everyone in the galaxy seemingly has an opinion about the new Star Wars film. Most seem to run quite contrary to mine in that they wholeheartedly enjoyed it. My first, and still remaining thought, upon exciting the cinema was, why on Endor couldn't they get a comic writer to do the script? Disappointed I was...

I mean, Gillen's DARTH VADER has everything, absolutely everything I would want from a new STAR WARS yarn. An intricate, intriguing, interesting plot with more twists and turns than a womp rat scurrying for cover. Hilarious witty dialogue (right up there with Bendis in his pomp, I feel) that can raise a chuckle or make you shiver in trepidation in equal measure, from note-perfectly observed old characters but also delightful new creations alike.

His utterly selfish corsair Aphra and her psychopathic droid duo of Triple Zero and Beetee are simply brilliant, darkly reflecting Luke, C3PO and R2D2 in such an ironically twisted manner, I would dearly hope someone at Disney was paying sufficient enough attention to think, "You know what, let's pinch them for a Darth Vader film." Because no doubt surely there will be one at some point if they're even making a young Han Solo flick... In fact, while Disney are at it, can they also get Kieron to write it, please?