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Ed The Happy Clown h/c

Ed The Happy Clown h/c back

Chester Brown


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

I dearly love all of Chester's autobiographical work, but this is absolutely nothing like that, except in art style. It's like master obscurist Hans FOLLY Rickheit has bodysnatched the normally demure Chester and wreaked merry havoc! Or not so merry in the case of Ed himself, who doesn't particularly seem to enjoy a happy time of it, though come to think of it, neither does any of the other characters! So, first off, if you think this is going to be similar to much of Chester's other work, be warned, it simply isn't. If, however, you like surreal and utterly unpredictable, slightly macabre in places, downright oddness (the unpredictability in part coming from the fact this material originally started as unrelated shorts) then this could be just your cup of tea. I would, though, just check that no one has put something in your tea as you could easily believe you're hallucinating wildly as you read this. It's nigh on impossible to summarise the plot with a penis featuring the talking head of Ronald Regan being just one of the many inexplicable things you'll encounter within the pages. I would say just enjoy, but I'm not entirely sure that's the right word to use! It is, however, definitely a seminal work...