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Elle(s) vol 3: Elle Together s/c

Elle(s) vol 3: Elle Together s/c back

Kid Toussaint & Aveline Stokart


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The revelation of the mystery of her origins has allowed Elle to regain control of her life. But all is not well... On the surface, the high school student tries to resolve her contradictions. Inside, her multiple personalities attempt to unravel the mystery of the voice that speaks to them all. And in both cases, it would seem that Blue Elle has the answers, or at least the leads. Is it therefore time for reconciliation?'s 'All for one'...but which one?! ABLAZE proudly presents: Elle(s), a vibrant, imaginative new series. Featuring brilliant, Pixar-esque art from Aveline Stokart, and an engaging story by Kid Toussaint that brings moments of real emotion, mystery, intrigue, and humor together during the epic highs and lows of high school.