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Essential Judge Dredd: Necropolis s/c

Essential Judge Dredd: Necropolis s/c back

John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra


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Mega-City One is under siege from the Dark Judges, Dredd has been exiled to the harsh wastelands of the Cursed Earth and time is running out for the citizens he once swore to protect. With the body-count rising and hope running out, will the Judges be able to turn back the tide of death? Essential Judge Dredd: Necropolis is the ultimate Judge Dredd vs. The Dark Judges storyline. A comic book 'summer blockbuster,' written and drawn by Dredd's co-creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, where Dredd must reclaim his badge from the imposter Judge Kraken and retake Mega-City One from the grip of the Dark Judges; Death, Fear, Fire, and Mortis.