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Estranged vol 2: The Changeling King s/c

Estranged vol 2: The Changeling King s/c back

Ethan M. Aldridge


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After years of pretending to be a human, the changeling Edmund Carter has assumed his rightful role as Cinder, king of the World Below. Finally, Cinder is free to be himself. But he has yet to gain full support from everyone at the royal palace. Meanwhile, Ed is struggling to adjust to life as a human in the World Above. His birth family treats him with a kindness he never knew growing up in the Fay court, but Ed misses the sense of purpose that came with being a knight. That feeling quickly fades when a mysterious new threat emerges in the World Below. Life-giving magic is disappearing, and Cinder will need the help of Ed and their sister, Alexis, to figure out why before it's too late. But nothing can prepare them for the family secret that awaits at the end of their quest. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.