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Fables vol 1: Legends In Exile (New Ed'n)

Fables vol 1: Legends In Exile (New Ed'n) back

Bill Willingham & Lan Medina


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

So, it has taken a mere ten years before I’ve finally cracked and read what is now (I think) Vertigo’s second longest running title after HELLBLAZER. Don’t ask me why it’s taken so long, there’s no particular reason, especially given the how popular this titles remains with its devotees. Maybe I’m just not that fussed about fairy tales. Anyway, given volume one has just been republished in this new edition (minor bits of very average extra content included at the back and a new cover, sadly not by James Jean, are the only differences I can see: no grand recolouring or better paper stock like the new SANDMAN editions), I thought I ought to finally have a look.

So, pretty much every fairy tale character that has ever existed now appears to be living in exile in a small part of New York known to its inhabitants as Fabletown, having been driven out by the sinister Adversary who now holds dominion over all their homelands. Fortunately most Fables can pass for human, or with the assistance of various shape-changing abilities and spells at least, and so the normal inhabitants of the Big Apple have no idea that the Fables walk amongst them. Consequently they have to govern themselves and it’s up to Deputy Mayor Snow White to try her best to keep them all in line, under cover, and avoid any of the bad blood and myriad old feuds breaking out again. But when her sister, the hard-partying Rose Red, appears to have been murdered, possibly by her on-off boyfriend Jack (yes, he of the beanstalk fame, and frankly somewhat of a chancer), it’s up to the sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby, aka the Big Bad Wolf, happily reformed and now on the right side of the law, to try and crack the case.

I can see why people do enjoy this title, actually, as it is just good fun, playing around with the long established characters and doing something completely different with them. Okay, I’m sold; time to read the next fifteen volumes, and various spin-offs.
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