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Firefly vol 1: Unification War h/c

Firefly vol 1: Unification War h/c Firefly vol 1: Unification War h/c

Firefly vol 1: Unification War h/c back

Greg Pak & Dan McDaid


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away... well... ours actually... a TV show got cancelled...

People got rather upset about this, apparently. Well, some people... and so comics were made. (Oh, and somewhere along the way, a film too, almost forgot about that.)

Five volumes worth of comics, in fact, now available in two splendid 'legacy' editions entitled FIREFLY LEGACY EDITION 1 and, you've guessed it, FIREFLY LEGACY EDITION 2.

I even read one of the five arcs pertaining the back story of one of the more mysterious characters called Shepherd and despite knowing precisely nothing about him, or indeed the show, never having watched it, thought it was quite good. It almost made me want to watch the TV show.

Which brings us to now and this ongoing Firefly series. I've had a brief flick through and it seems quite entertaining. I can well imagine if you have any degree of affection for the characters you'll probably love it, as Greg WORLD WAR HULK Pak is a darn good writer and Dan McDaid has been doing some solid work on IDW's Judge Dredd line.

Not a lot more I can add really.

Oh, okay: contains the first four issues of the FIREFLY series and the FIREFLY BAD COMPANY one-shot.