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French Milk

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Lucy Knisley


Page 45 Review by Tom

Awesome sketchbook travelogue from this up-and-coming cartooning legend. If you thought CARNET DE VOYAGE by Craig Thompson was a little charmer, then you need this! Lucy's keenly observed entries about her time spent in a kooky Parisian apartment with her mother made me so incredibly hungry. Almost every entry is about food! Lovely, glorious, rich meaty food! Every kind of pastries, cake, fish and cheese is mentioned. It even made me want Foie Gras, and I hate poultry, it's fowl!

When Lucy isn't eating she's shopping for bargains in the markets visiting galleries and graves (Wilde/Sartre, she's a well read lady) or generally smoking and being a bit miserable. I particularly loved the moment when she devotes an entire entry to the scene in Funny Face where Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire run around Paris (as I have the songs from that film in my head on the best of days!). But what Lucy excels in, although I'm not sure its intentional, is cutting the clichéd from the class as a tourist in Paris making this an indispensable guide to the city. Mainly because she finds a whole bunch of cool comic shops! Lucy is studying at the Centre Of Cartoon Studies and has come a long way visually since writing this book - and she is good here, in a loose Hope Larson/Dave Kiersh way.
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