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Futchi Perf

Futchi Perf Futchi Perf Futchi Perf Futchi Perf

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Kevin Czap


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Now you can run for days on a single good memory.

Down with dystopia; up with utopia, as close as it needs credibly get!

This beautiful book full of thought, thoughtfulness, optimism and kindness is something for which I am grateful.

I find it profoundly moving that a powerful imagination could so sincerely project such a positive future, especially in this day and age. But this is the way we create one.

In the face of hostility, hatred, division and derision, all spread with contempt from on high, this is defiantly loving, embracing and inclusive of all, putting hierarchy it in its place where I hope it will sit all alone, bereft, unattended.

The same goes for heavy industry, pollution and environmental degradation, replaced by a balanced and sustainable harmony through human ingenuity which reaps rather than rapes our rich natural resources in order to provide for all. I will repeat:

Now you can run for days on a single good memory.
And you can give this happiness to others.
Seventh Energy.

The script is succinct. Each word, phrase, neologism, reclamation or association like Seventh Energy has been so carefully chosen.

Instead this is as much driven by the smooth, strong drawings of individuality, diversity and naked affection, at one and so at peace, sharing and so finally satisfied. The colours are of the cold reignited or pushed back by warmth either through individual interactions or communal gatherings and community spirit. The predominant, winning pink is that of the heart which is blood-pumping and thumping with life; mind-muscles being stretched to summon elation in each other's presence, then pass it on unencumbered by any sense whatsoever of being beholden.

It begins thus:

It's Election Day so you're reviewing the candidates and issues one last time to be sure you're making the right choices for your city.

Can you imagine such diligence where it is due? Can you imagine this too?

Thankfully everyone has easy access to such straightforward information and as a result, Cleveland is one of the best governed cities in the country.

Kevin Czap has imagined it, then put it on paper to give us all something to aspire to, and actively pursue with renewed vigour.

A world in which we are well served by helpful, informative facts rather than factional, emotive, propagandist fiction, opinion and lies from the vain and vested interests, the powerful and power-hungry, the corporation-controlled broadcasters and politicians alike. I would emphasise as a result and, as a result:

All the right things are winning!
A continuation of this legacy of progressive and humanist policies... Nowhere else is the arts infrastructure so solid.

We've been shown not only the way but also its rewards. Now it is time for us to pay Czap back by putting it all into action.

Your best friend is moving to Cleveland - to your street!
This neighbourhood is swarming with all your closest friends!
Oh my god! They're throwing you a surprise birthday party!!

This is no pipe dream; it is entirely within our collective power to turn things around through our individual actions, which together can make all the difference, and fashion a future which we'd all love to live in.

You've never been so happy!!!

It's time to dance.