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Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c

Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c

Ghost Money: Death In Dubai h/c back

Thierry Smolden & Dominique Bertail


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"These kids reference Rummy and Dick like they taught them how to cheat at poker. So tell me, Google. Do you regret our time in Iraq?"
"What? No way! Shit, Kendricks, I still remember the four of us talking about what we'd do with Al-Qaeda's fortune if we ever found it... You? How are things since you bought the team?"
"Honestly? Caesar's Hand has never been better!"
"Yeah? Tell me!"

I tell you what, I'll let the publisher give you a need-to-know briefing instead. And trust me, you do need to know about this work, because it's a hugely captivating, very believable espionage escapade set in 2020 replete with hi-tech upgrades and killer Euro-style ligne claire art, all contributing to making it an absolute belter. It's full of odious characters, all with their own agendas, plus the odd innocent thrown into the New World Order blender for good measure.

Here we go, just remember your wallet will self-destruct in five seconds if you don't head straight to the Page 45 website after reading this...

"Intriguing characters and plotlines intertwine in a near-future political thriller drawing on contemporary world events and actual growing technology contributing to a cyberwar in both reality and virtual reality. When Lindsey, a young student in London, is rescued from a riot by Chamza, a young woman from the Arab world, they begin a relationship based on both fascination and convenience.

"Before she knows it, Lindsey is drawn into a world of vast wealth and intrigue; her new friend seems to have ties to political movements and revolutionaries throughout the Islamic world, but it is not clear what their agenda might be, or where her great wealth comes from. Could it be the fabled legendary lost treasure of Al-Qaeda, supposedly amassed through insider trading prior to 9/11?

Unbeknownst to either Lindsey or Chamza, a set of US contractors called Caesar's Hand, all veterans of war in Iraq and the CIA's rendition program, are focusing their sites on Chamza, believing her wealth is indeed the key to a larger threat to the entire world economy. The series looks at surveillance, clandestine military action, and class warfare in the twilight of the current War on Terror, all within the context of a thriller that ultimately seeks to find out what controls the global economy."

If they can manage to find Al-Qaeda's lost treasure, I'm calling in Caesar's Hand to sort out Brexit before the British economy self-destructs completely... In meanwhile why not enjoy ten absorbing issues of high-octane excitement bound in a very presentable chunky hardback for the exceedingly reasonable price of £19-99? Go on, I'm watching you...
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