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Green Lantern: Rebirth s/c

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Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Brad (IDENTITY CRISIS) Meltzer provides an excitable introduction which boils down to:

"Written by a fan. Written for the fans."
"Instead of ploughing over the new with the past, Geoff combined the two and gave these characters something far greater: a future."
"Geoff even made it all make sense."

This was always going to increase sales because long-term fans have for years been braying for the return of Hal Jordan to the role of Green Lantern, but placating them seemed unfeasible. How on earth could you produce a plausible way of extricating Jordan from his fate? You couldn't. Geoff Johns, as it turned out, could.

He was probably the only man who cared enough to be able to pull it off, and much to my surprise he managed to move the story along at the same time. It's undeniably fan-centric, but you're not going to need a degree in DC mythology since the characters are all so self-obsessed that they can't shut up about it. No one can bring themselves to go to the toilet without commenting on which hand Hal Jordan used to use.

There's plenty of mystery and suspense, as a series of less than coincidental weird happenings occur around Green Lanterns past and present just as Coast City, Hal Jordan's home town, reappears on the map after having been obliterated several years ago. Well, when I say Coast City, I mean the roads, street signs and traffic lights - there's only one house: the one that used to belong to Jordan. Hal, of course, was the Green Lantern who flipped after Coast City was destroyed, died for a while, then reappeared as the human host of the Spectre, spirit of vengeance. As the Spectre he's currently dishing out justice in a somewhat brutal fashion such as severing an arm - although he does have the decency to cauterise the stump. Although most of the suspicion centres on Hal and whether he can be trusted, there's more at play than anyone suspects…

Guest stars galore, some solid art and big battle of willpower. Twelve years ago that vocal mob of fans spent hard money taking out adverts in their campaign for Jordan's return. I think the least they can do now is build Johns a church.