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Theo Parish


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Bright and accessible autobiographical comic created to help others better understand the nature and the depth of discomfort in being wrongly pigeonholed, then the slow dawning through self-exploration and careful consideration which precedes the decision to declare oneself non-binary and/or trans.

Yay for the surge of self-confidence that comes through being comfortable with who you are, how you present yourself and therefore how you interact with others!

Free from politics (and harsher realities), this is strictly about the journey of self-discovery, and is instead full of artfully communicated first-hand observation and lived experience, while stressing that everyone's different and thank god for that.

Aimed at 14+ says the publisher, and that sounds about right.

Please see Page 45's enormous (and, further more, diverse) LGBTQ sections on our website for more, one under fiction and a second under non-fiction. Thanks!

The publisher writes:

"In their comics debut, Theo Parish masterfully weaves an intimate and defiantly hopeful memoir about the journey one nonbinary person takes to find a home within themself. Combining traditional comics with organic journal-like interludes, Theo takes us through their experiences with the hundred arbitrary and unspoken gender binary rules of high school, from harrowing haircuts and finally the right haircut, to the intersection of gender identity and sexuality-and through tiny everyday moments that all led up to Theo finding the term "nonbinary," which finally struck a chord. "