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Hulk: World War Hulk s/c

Hulk: World War Hulk s/c back

Greg Pak & John Romita Jr


Page 45 Review by Stephen

The first thing you'll notice is the size of the panels (or maybe you won't, maybe you'll just sit, jaw agape at Romita's massive and magnificent art, but trust me, the size of the panels is important). Unlike the wretched gimmick employed during THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN whereby one panel per page was removed in the countdown until the final issue was composed entirely of full-page spreads thereby turning it into a static slide show with absolutely no flexibility, fluidity or power, John knows how to tell a story with nuance and power.

That story is the return of The Hulk to Earth, hell-bent on revenge against the Illuminati (Iron Man, Professor Xavier, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Namor, Doctor Strange) who flung him into space and - he believes - did so using a duff spaceship which ultimately exploded, destroying everything he had struggled to build in exile, and slaughtering all those he'd come to love there.

There's something he doesn't know. Before he finds out, though, it's one long rampage of monumental destruction as he takes on The Inhumans, The Avengers both Mighty and New, the Fantastic Four and anyone else who gets in the way, like Rick Jones.

Whether this will rock your boat depends on how much more you require than that. Because, to be honest, there ain't that much more on offer. Best-selling HULK collection we've ever experienced, that's for sure.
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