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Inhuman vol 3: Lineage s/c

Inhuman vol 3: Lineage s/c back

Charles Soule & Ryan Stegman, Andre Araujo


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All the threads of the Inhuman saga are finally woven together as Queen Medusa takes on King Black Bolt with the fate of the Inhumans in the balance! In this new world order, the recently awakened NuHumans are a valuable currency, and someone is working hard to control their destiny. The fanatical Lash continues his recruitment drive for the city of Orollan - but what is his agenda? And Lineage has been lurking in the background since the beginning; now, it's time for him to show his hand. Don't miss the incredible climax of this complex and intriguing epic! But what will be left standing before SECRET WARS pulls it all crashing to the floor?! Collecting INHUMAN #12-14 and ANNUAL #1. Rated T+