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Jellaby vol 1: The Lost Monster

Jellaby vol 1: The Lost Monster back

Kean Soo


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Okay, let's never talk about what happened in that washroom ever again."

Aww, welcome reissue for this heart-winning Young Readers graphic novel about which I wrote:

This is so attractive that I'm abandoning my moratorium on big purple monsters in comics, for this all-ages escapade positively glows on the shelves between BONE and OWLY, and the scene on the train where our great, grape, dragon-winged friend tries to impart his desperate need for the loo is priceless.

Do you remember Watch With Mother's ‘The Herb Garden’? Well, Jellaby is Parsley The Lion all over: big, innocent, slightly forlorn eyes on a giant, silent, nodding head, off-setting the critter’s reputation for being scary.

Discovered outside her house one night after a particularly disturbing dream, young Jellaby's taken in by Portia, hidden from her mother, stopped from eating the flower arrangement (oh, wait – no he isn't!), then taken to meet her school chum Jason. Portia decides that Jellaby's simply lost, and together they embark on a journey to find the heavily bolted door that Jellaby appears to recognise in a newspaper. Unfortunately there's someone waiting for them on the train -- someone Portia's encountered before, in a nightmare...
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