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Jinchalo back

Matthew Forsythe


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Virtually silent sequel to OJINGOGO as the same shouty little crosspatch returns for more morphing dreamscapes, bizarre beasties and sundry transmogrification. It's a book that rewards several short readings, first for the sheer joy of seeing what Andi Watson might draw in his sleep after eating way too much cheese, but also because retrospect is a funny old thing.

Really it's up to you interpret what's going on. However - unless I have this very wrong - here the young girl stumbles on some giant sushi (that isn't hers), gobbles it up, falls asleep with a grumbling tummy then wakes in a house (that isn't hers), bad-breathed with bed hair, in time to serve a plaintive ogre food which is clearly inedible. And isn't hers!

Undeterred, she sets about making a feast before returning to bed with a copy of COWA. When the true occupant, an elderly gent, discovers he's been eaten out of house and home he goes through the roof before dispatching the girl to market to replenish his cupboards and buy, specifically, a very large egg. What follows is all manner of mistaken identity and hatched-egg extreme imprinting as well as a guest appearance by the artist himself who's roped in to address his creation.

It's an absolute delight in black, white, and eggshell blue. The expressions are a hoot and just watching her pack is a riot, as is the school nature trail. Plus, as I say, both the punchline and epilogue will send you scurrying back to the beginning.

P.S. 'Jinchalo' is the Korean for 'Really?' Really.
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