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King-Cat Classix s/c

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John Porcellino


Page 45 Review by Tom

With its clear minimalist design and sincere, effecting stories, KING-CAT COMICS has stood out in the zine-scene as the pinnacle of the '90s mini-comic movement, and a high watermark for others to follow. When all the blogs are lost and hyperlinks lead nowhere, I'll still have that shoebox full of great comics to re-read again and again.

Tangible experiences in an ever unfocused world. This beautiful collection manages to convey the gradual evolution of an artist - from the often rather rude discordant rumblings of youth to the tender simplicity of Porcellino's later comix. This is an essential introduction to the work of a refreshingly "everyman" cartoonist as well as a glimpse at the foundational efforts of a Mini-Comic legend. None of this has found its way into his two previous collections and, coming in at 384 pages, this massive collection brings together the best of the first fifty issues, plus extended notes and all the extra anecdotes, essays and letters that make every King-Cat classic.