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Kingdom Come s/c

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Mark Waid & Alex Ross


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Armageddon Days Are Here Again...

One of the first signs of real literacy that now hits the DC Universe with a little more regularity, this has so far been the work of Waid's career, on another level entirely from anything I've read from him before or since. Set far enough in the future that Bruce Wayne has a silver mane and even Superman's going grey (Wonderwoman is almost exactly as she is now, but with a sturdier frame), it begins when everything's gone horribly wrong, and ends after it gets far, far worse.

The new generation of superheroes aren't as altruistic or restrained as their predecessors - something that Superman cannot abide, will not condone and so wants no part of. But after living in self-imposed exile for so long, he's joined by his peers in a terrifying final conflict with the more reckless upstarts, and you just know that there are some more familiar, positively malicious hands pulling strings from afar. What they do to poor Billy Batson is horrible, and what Captain Marvel (his superhuman counterpart) is capable of doing to Superman will have your jaw on the floor. I can promise you total carnage on an epic scale, and lots of grey to muddy the old black and white outlook about what is right and what is wrong and what may be some mistakes, like the gulag they set up.