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Lazarus vol 1 s/c

Lazarus vol 1 s/c Lazarus vol 1 s/c

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Greg Rucka & Michael Lark


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Welcome to the near future.

The economy didn’t just collapse, it imploded taking countries, governments and old national borders with it. Now territories are ruled by those with the most money, for money buys food, money buys guns and money buys people.

These are the Families for we’ve gone feudal again, and family feuds are what this book’s all about.

The Family Carlyle have invested heavily in augmentation technology, bestowing it on loyal daughter Forever who now acts as their ultimate protection. She’s been trained to the peak of human physical fitness, in both armed and unarmed combat. She has enhanced regenerative capabilities closely monitored and backed up at base.

But all is not well within the Family Carlyle. There are vipers in the proverbial nest who may indeed prove sharper than a Shakespearian serpent’s tooth just as it seem another Family is breaking their truce and attacking Carlyle assets so threatening a costly, all-out war. Lastly, there is a secret within the Family Carlyle that not all are privvy to, one which may prove their undoing.

Lord, how I love Michael Lark. He’s worked with Greg Rucka before on GOTHAM CENTRAL alongside Ed Brubaker, and Ed Brubaker’s run on DAREDEVIL. His forms are lithe, his shadows are sexy and brooding, not dissimilar to Sean Phillips’ on FATALE, and there’s plenty of penumbral here. His choreography is as slick as you like, vital for a book with so much close combat. Meanwhile the sunrises and sunsets coloured by Santi Arcas are rich in orange and purples

Greg Rucka has thought long and hard about the world he has built, both its economic and class structure, and the science which he has extrapolated from daily current breakthroughs. There is so much potential here for a series as long-form as SAGA, but don’t think book one is mere set-up. A family nest is a compact thing and in such close proximity secrets aren’t easily to hide.