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Leopards In Leotards / Dust

Leopards In Leotards / Dust back

Lizz Lunney


Page 45 Review by Stephen

This time the woman gone too far. I was outraged when I read the final dust page inside the dust jacket which does not exist at all.

Against all external advice and at the risk of several friendships, I have respected Lizz Lunney’s somewhat quirky world views which – once analysed with a clear head and an electron microscope, albeit unplugged and made out of potato – often turn out to make far more sense than your average Darwinian nonsense. Empirical evidence be damned!

But when Science Officer Lunney points out here that it may be a good idea to “buy some surface cleaner and a duster and go and clean your house before it takes over the world!” I was agog. Such sensationalist tripe!!!

I once saw a duster at Page 45 and it did me no favours at all. I see no sense whatsoever in letting that same kind of unnatural behaviour into my home, and I only discovered I owned a vacuum cleaner by breaking my own toe on it.

As to the rest of this epic (please set aside three hours to read it and a life-time to comprehend its complex, quasi-existentialist contents), I can only say “Yay!” and “Yippee!” Leopards in leotards could easily change their spots – which is handy when pin-stripe’s in fashion.